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Panhandle Gunslingers Service

We are Texas DPS certified and offer training to Amarillo and the surrounding area. Training we offer includes License to Carry Classes, Hunter’s Education and Private Instruction! We can also refer you to security guard training services. Please Contact Us for any additional information you might have concerning these and other firearm training questions.

Texas License to Carry

License To Carry Classes

Cost is $110 per person for the six hour class. Check with Panhandle Gunslinger’s personnel for dates.

You Will Need:

  • Handgun
  • 50 rounds
  • Hearing & Eye Protection
  • Pen and Paper for Notes

We will be glad to schedule classes around your schedule (except on Sunday). You must have at least 4 people and prepay.

Basic Instruction

By Appointment

$50 Per Session Plus Ammo

You need to have your own firearm to take the class. We will gladly furnish them


Try up to three different firearms for $50 plus ammunition. Make your purchase at Panhandle Gunslingers and get $20 off!! ($75 value)

A mandatory License to Carry (LTC) class is required. It is state mandated to be 4-6 hours excluding test and shooting time. Classes are offered at Panhandle Gunslingers twice per month in most cases. Contact Us for more information about our class schedule.

Bring with you to the class a pen, firearm, ammunition, hearing and eye protection, and your Texas issued picture identification (Driver’s License or equivalent). Firearms and safety equipment can be rented at Panhandle Gunslingers. We also sell ammunition, safety equipment and firearms!

NOTE: The packet can be printed from Texas Online. If you apply online, you have no need to print the packet, print only the booklet for reference.

Payment for the class is due the day of the class. The State fees are payable online, just visit Texas Online to pay for the License to Carry via debit or credit card. Cost for the class is $110. State fees are $140 for a new license (discounts available from the State of Texas for those over 60 and active military and veterans) and $70 for renewal. There is an additional $5 due and payable during the course to the instructor for the CHL Certificate fee. The state website has these special circumstances listed on it for your convenience.

It takes Texas a minimum of 45 days, usually 60, to process the CHL. However, it can take up to 180 days.

If you need basic handgun education (this class assumes basic knowledge), we will gladly set up an appointment for private instruction. This individual basic instruction is $40.00 per hour.



  • $18.48 per hour plus tax ($20)
  • $9.24 per half hour plus tax ($10)


  • $13.86 per hour plus tax ($15)
  • $9.24 per half hour plus tax ($10)
  • Range Time is proprated by quarter hour increments after the first half hour.

    There is a $10 minimum.




    $75 Per Year


    Includes wife and children under 21

    $100 Per Year

    Firearm Transfers

    • $20 (Members)
    • $30 (Non-Members)

    Background Check for NICS Transfer with both parties present – $25.

    GUN RENTALS (Subject to Availability)

    2 forms of identification required for gun rental

    $25 per Handgun & .22 Rifles + Ammunition Cost (Range Time Included)

    Additional Information

    Our instructor is Jim Finley from Claude, Texas. You may read more about the Texas License to Carry Regulations on their website. If our scheduled times do not meet with your schedule, please contact us as we will try and work out a time frame with you.

    The State of Texas has changed the criteria and you may use either a semi auto or revolver to take the class. It must be at least 32 caliber. If you need to rent a firearm to take the class (traveling, gun needs repair, etc.) we do rent them for $20, plus the ammo.

    Panhandle Gunslingers will gladly take your check, credit card, debit card, or cash for payment of the class. The State now will accept all forms of payment including personal checks. Credit cards must be used at Texas Online to pay the State of Texas.

    There is no “temporary license” available from the State to enable you to carry while processing your application. WAIT until you receive your license before carrying your firearm.


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